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Letters published in the Spring 2013 edition of In The Hills magazine.

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Saving the land that feeds us

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

These words, attributed to anthropologist Margaret Mead, capture the power citizens used at Soupstock in October to help stop the Melancthon mega quarry.

Thanks to their support and the tireless efforts of so many volunteers, we’re now in the history books as Canada’s largest culinary protest! It was a strong message to The Highland Companies that urbanites stand in solidarity with the farmers of Ontario.

Soupstock showed the company that a movement was gaining momentum, but no one predicted they would raise the white flag in defeat a month later. Although we celebrate this victory, the Ontario government must seize this call to overhaul its policies for aggregate mining. No community should have to fight so hard to ensure that prime farmland and valuable nature aren’t sacrificed to the interests of big business.

Proceeds from Soupstock will fund the fight to keep proposals like this from being considered in the first place. We believe it is our responsibility, as ambassadors of the future, to work to protect our shared resources. We cannot afford to lose our precious agricultural land, water and endangered species or allow the destruction of our fragile watersheds.

We will dedicate our net revenue to help continue the battle to “save the land that feeds us.”

Michael Stadtländer, President, Canadian Chefs’ Congress
David Suzuki, Co-founder, David Suzuki Foundation


Gifted people

The day In The Hills is delivered to my mailbox is the day the chore list goes unheeded. Every issue is brimming with articles I didn’t even know I was interested in. However, the winter issue topped the stack.

The “special people,” authors and event information are all described in such talented, articulate writing. Thank you for bringing to our attention the unbelievable abundance of gifted people with whom we share this area.

Jane Pady, Mono

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