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Spring 2013

Volume 20 Number 1

A Greater Conversation

Mar 31, 2013 | Jeff Rollings | Back Issues

In an era when newspapers are being shuttered around the globe, and despite the oft-repeated claim that “print is dead,” In The Hills has not only survived, but prospered.

Behind the Pages

Mar 31, 2013 | Jeff Rollings | Arts

As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, we`ll feature profiles of those who make up the In The Hills family. It’s a chance to learn a little more about the people behind the pages.

The Battle Shifts Gear

Mar 31, 2013 | Tim Shuff | Back Issues

With the mega quarry shelved, opponents say they’ll keep fighting until they get permanent protection for farmland in Ontario.

High on Horses

Mar 31, 2013 | Nicola Ross | Leisure

As Caledon prepares for the 2015 Pan Am Games, Headwaters Horse Country is saddling up for the ride of its life.

Soothing the Senses

Mar 31, 2013 | Michele Green | Back Issues

Sensory gardens engage the senses and reduce stress. Textures, such as the soft, furry leaves of woolly lamb’s ear, encourage touching…

Ulster Bound

Mar 31, 2013 | Liz Beatty | Back Issues

A trip to explore their Irish roots brings three generations closer to their Caledon home.

Dances with Coyotes

Mar 31, 2013 | Don Scallen | Environment

Humans have long had a love-hate relationship with these ingenious creatures.

Spring’s Wild Beauties

Mar 31, 2013 | Don Scallen | Environment

The heart-gladdening beauty of early wildflowers is a signal all is right in the woodland. Which one is your favourite?

Letters – Our readers write: Spring 2013

Mar 31, 2013 | In The Hills | Back Issues | Departments | Letters, Our Readers Write

Letters published in the Spring 2013 edition of In The Hills magazine.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Mar 31, 2013 | Signe Ball | Back Issues | Editor’s Desk | In Every Issue

Our first issue featured a story about two new cultural institutions, Dufferin County Museum and Archives and Theatre Orangeville.

Ellen Cameron

Mar 31, 2013 | Signe Ball | Artist in Residence | Arts | Back Issues | Departments | Horses In The Hills | In Every Issue | Leisure

Ellen travels with a camera as her constant companion, a tool that more readily allows her to record the subtleties of horses’ actions and interactions.

Our favourite picks for Spring 2013

Mar 31, 2013 | In The Hills | Back Issues | Community | Departments | In Every Issue | Must Do

Whether you’re an oenologist, an oenophile or someone who just likes to try a new wine from time to time, Wines of the World is an opportunity to taste more than 60 vintages from various countries.