Three Summer Picks

Orangeville has become a hot spot for take-home hot sauces.

June 19, 2018 | | Made in the Hills

What we’re shopping for this summer in Headwaters

Orangeville has become a hot spot for takehome hot sauces.

Hot stuff

Orangeville has become a hot spot for take-home hot sauces. Phil DeWar of Caribbean-fusion restaurant Soulyve recently launched Vytal Hot Peppa Sauce, a spicy-yet-fruity Scotch bonnet blend with punchy labelling. (174 ml, about $12, Soulyve.) And when you’re filling up with gas just north of town, Mrs. D’s Guyanese-style sauce is just steps from the pumps. Mrs. D, Matab Denhart, won’t reveal her ingredients, but this stuff, sold in a nondescript plastic bottle, is fiery. (500 ml, about $8, Mrs. D Jerk, Roti & Pastry)

handmade bags

Crafty secret

At Jelly Craft Bakery & Café in Shelburne, breads, sandwiches and baked treats are the mainstays, but amid the pottery and other décor items for sale are handmade bags, such as this rickrack-trimmed 1970s-style version, along with tablecloths and other textiles, commissioned by Ewa Kotwas. ($12.95, Jelly Craft Bakery)


Pillow talk

Eddie Cimbron-Corner’s Coffee Talk pillow designs hint at the hearts she used to swirl into lattes at the former Shed Café in Erin. After selling the café, Eddie started C2 Interiors, a design and online retail company. She’s added healing aphorisms on the tag too, including Just Breathe and Espresso Yourself – $10 of every pillow sale goes to mental health organization (22×22-inch pillow with goose down insert, $75, C2 Interiors)


  • C2 Interiors, Caledon.  416-618-7267.
  • Jelly Craft Bakery & Café, 120 Main St E, Shelburne.  519-925-1824.
  • Hockleycrest Spoon Company, Mono.
  • Mrs. D Jerk, Roti & Pastry, 633247 Hwy 10, Mono.  519-942-4926
  • Soulyve, 34 Mill St, Orangeville.  519-307-5983.

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