Community Catalyst: Andrew McCreary

Mono’s Andrew McCreary studies at George Brown College in the child and youth care program with an eye to working in queer and trans healthcare.

November 20, 2018 | | 25 Under 25

Community Catalyst: Andrew McCreary, 25, Mono. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Community Catalyst: Andrew McCreary, 25, Mono. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Direct, confident and determined, Andrew McCreary is tireless in his support of young trans folks, especially in more rural areas. Now in his third year at George Brown College in the child and youth care program, Andrew wryly notes that although cliché, he wants to be that mentor or model he needed as a transgender young man growing up in Hockley Valley.

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  • He seems well on his way. As part of his program, Andrew spent a year working at Dufferin Child & Family Services and took over managing the organization’s LGBTQ youth group after the retirement of his cofacilitator. Andrew started a new group there for ages 11 to 14 called G.L.O.W., which stands for Gay, Lesbian or Whatever. Such achievements no doubt spring from a solid foundation in community service. Not surprising perhaps for a man who logged over 800 volunteer hours as a high school student – a good chunk of it supporting children with autism (his brother Michael is on the spectrum) – when the requirement is 40 hours.

    25 Under 25What’s next for this 25-year-old? After graduation, Andrew plans to turn his zeal to finding a job in queer and trans healthcare. His low-key motto, “It’s probably fine,” tends to ground him when school or life gets a bit intense. It should do the trick in helping this extraordinarily gifted and compassionate young man to reach all his goals.

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