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Summer 2023

Regenerating Our Relationship with the Land

Jun 16, 2023 | Debbe Crandall

Pick up this year’s Headwaters Farm Fresh guide to get to know your local farmers and explore the beautiful countryside in our own backyard.

From Pool to Pond

Jun 16, 2023 | Emily Dickson

How a Mono nature lover transformed her swimming pool into a pond teeming with wildlife.

Long Runway, Small Plane, Big Sky

Jun 16, 2023 | Anthony Jenkins

When these headwaters pilots feel the urge to fly, they step out their back door.

Meet the Maker: Jo Thomson

Jun 16, 2023 | Johanna Bernhardt

Mono artist Jo Thomson harnesses the power of sunlight – and the power of her darkroom – to create bright cyanotypes and photograms of local flora.

Local Buys: Summer 2023

Jun 16, 2023 | Janice Quirt

Start the summer off right with smart soaps, sweet totes and table linens, all made by local artisans in Headwaters.

Compost Confidential

Jun 16, 2023 | Alison McGill

The art and science of breaking down kitchen and yard waste to create your own blend of nutrient-rich natural fertilizer.

Kilgorie Pine River Loop

Jun 16, 2023 | Nicola Ross

Take a stroll along the Bruce Trail in Mulmur to spot wild brook trout and more. Nicola Ross, author of ‘Loops and Lattes’, shows you the way.

Seeing The Forest And The Trees

Jun 16, 2023 | Tony Reynolds

Field botanist Lisa Riederer painstakingly inventories trees, shrubs and groundcover plants for Credit Valley Conservation.

A Perfectly Cluttered Tool Bench

Jun 16, 2023 | Bethany Lee

Writer Bethany Lee muses on her father’s carefully organized chaos in the garage as her young son begins to explore his grandfather’s tools.

Brain Fog: How to Clear the Covid Hangover

Jun 16, 2023 | Gail Grant

Gail Grant examines how the disruptions of the pandemic led to a flatline of interactions, leaving our brains sluggish and our tongues tied.

Tina Daalderop

Jun 16, 2023 | Gail Grant

Keeping busy and involved in the community is a way of life, and at 78 Tina still has big plans for the future

From The Ground Up

Jun 16, 2023 | Tralee Pearce

How John and Paola Chiodo’s contemporary Caledon bungalow delivers on a teenaged dream of a tranquil life in the country.

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