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Don Scallen

Don Scallen enjoys sharing his love of nature through his writing and presentations. Check out his blog "Notes from the Wild".

Invasive Species in Our Backyard

Jun 19, 2018

They’re big. They’re strong. And they’re probably here to stay. But keeping them in check will give native plant species a chance.

Yellow Lady’s Slippers

Jun 5, 2018

These botanical wonders sport whimsical – you guessed it – slipper-shaped blossoms.

Chorus Frogs

May 14, 2018

Chorus frogs are vulnerable to a who’s who of predators from ground-foraging birds, to shrews, to big spiders to small snakes.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

Mar 30, 2018

Cottontails conceal themselves in dense thickets of shrubs and brambles.

Spring Hikes on The Bruce Trail

Mar 26, 2018

Along the Bruce Trail, spring is the time to slow to a saunter 
and see, hear and scent nature’s renewal.

John Muir

Mar 26, 2018

A saunter through the hills in 1864.

Mink: Master Predators

Mar 5, 2018

Winter is the best time to find evidence of mink. With snow cover, mink tracks can readily be found along streams or the verges of ponds and lakes.

How to Find Owls

Feb 2, 2018

Myths, legends and modern literature feature owls, a notable example being Hedwig the snowy owl, loyal companion of Harry Potter.

Skunks and Porcupines, Masters of Defence

Jan 12, 2018

Skunks, in contrast to porcupines, are positively cuddly with soft, luxuriant fur, just begging to be stroked.

A Headwaters’ Giant

Dec 5, 2017

Do you know of a bigger tree in the Headwaters Region?


Oct 29, 2017

Northern flickers are boldly and beautifully marked woodpeckers that are common throughout the Headwaters.

Night Hikes

Oct 17, 2017

Night Hikes – A purposeful walk along a path, playing a flashlight over leaves, branches and trunks will reveal wonders.

Notes From the Wild

Sep 25, 2017

Don Scallen enjoys sharing his love of nature through his writing and presentations. Check out his blog “Notes from the Wild”.

Fall’s Best: The Monarch Butterfly, the Porcupine and the Brook Trout

Sep 16, 2017

Savour fall with these 10 wonders of autumnal nature – from insects to constellations.


Sep 5, 2017

Katydids are seldom seen, because they camouflage so well with greenery.

Caterpillars and Chrysalides

Aug 17, 2017

Caterpillar food plants will summon egg-laying female butterflies to your yard. Then, if sharp-eyed, you may find the minute eggs. More likely you’ll find the caterpillars.


Jul 4, 2017

With a few exceptions, chrysalides are designed to be overlooked, to allow the wondrous alchemy of metamorphosis to proceed undisturbed.

Going off the Grid

Jun 21, 2017

For Mary and Brad Kruger, living lightly doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort for conscience.