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Spring 2009

Gone Paddling: The Credit River

Mar 21, 2009 | Gary Storr | Back Issues

A group of adventurers challenges the Credit River during spring runoff.

Caledon and la Dordogne: Home truths from deep France

Mar 21, 2009 | Liz Beatty | Back Issues

A traveller discovers striking parallels and telling differences between rural Dordogne and her Credit River home in Brimstone.

Plant Paradise: A Little Piece of Paradise

Mar 21, 2009 | Michele Green | Leisure

Two self-taught Caledon gardeners have created a kind of boutique garden centre, where the emphasis is on natural, organic, drought-hardy – and gorgeous.

The Day the Avro Arrow Died

Mar 21, 2009 | Jeff Rollings | Heritage

It’s been 50 years since Black Friday, the day the Avro Arrow was cancelled – and economic disaster spread like wildfire through the hills.

Day of Reckoning: Caledon’s Rockfort Quarry

Mar 21, 2009 | Nicola Ross | Back Issues

Like oil, aggregate has become essential to modern life. But how much are we willing to sacrifice to get it? As the decade-long dispute over Caledon’s Rockfort quarry finally heads to the OMB, we’re about to find out.

Warblers: A Storm of Angels

Mar 21, 2009 | Don Scallen | Back Issues | Environment

In Headwaters country eighteen species of warblers flourish among the trees of the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Clara Brett Martin: Canada’s First Woman Lawyer

Mar 21, 2009 | Ken Weber | Heritage

A Modest pioneer, Clara Brett Martin, the daughter of a Mono Township pioneer family, became a pioneer of a different sort when she challenged the Law Society of Upper Canada to become the first woman lawyer in the British Empire.

The Spring of Our Discontent

Mar 21, 2009 | Signe Ball | Back Issues | Departments | Editor’s Desk | In Every Issue

We like to stay on top of things here at In the Hills. That’s why last fall we ran a long feature on the impact of rising oil prices. Would…

Letters – Our readers write: Spring 2009

Mar 21, 2009 | Signe Ball | Back Issues | Departments | Letters, Our Readers Write

Letters published in the Spring 2009 edition of In The Hills magazine.

Morphine, acid, grass and vanilla bean lows

Mar 21, 2009 | Douglas G. Pearce | Back Issues | Countryside Digest | Departments | Environment

Poppy Culture Medical morphine production is “a much more reasonable and practicable alternative to the attempted destruction of the poppy fields – an effort that wouldn’t succeed for long, in…

Margi Taylor Self

Mar 21, 2009 | Signe Ball | Artist in Residence | Back Issues | Departments | In Every Issue

Her interest in design and communications has led her on a career involving promotion, public relations and marketing.