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Liz Beatty

Writer and broadcaster Liz Beatty hosts and produces the award-winning North Americana Podcast (, which unearths surprising stories that connect Americans and Canadians. She lives in Brimstone.

Northern Connections – Tackling Food Security in Arctic Communities

Nov 27, 2023

Two Headwaters residents are working with Indigenous people on innovative programs to enhance food security in the Far North.

Finding Sanctuary

Mar 20, 2023

Displaced by war, Ukrainians are offered a place of welcome in Headwaters.

How to Save a Theatre

Sep 24, 2021

The creative minds at Theatre Orangeville were not about to be upstaged by a pandemic.

Making Black History in Caledon

Mar 24, 2020

A new museum exhibit called Our Voices, Our Journeys celebrates local black history through the personal stories of a Caledon congregation’s pioneering contributions to Headwaters.

The Next Chapter at Headwaters Tourism

Mar 19, 2019

Industry veteran Eduardo Lafforgue steps into the executive director role at Headwaters Tourism armed with a bold vision for the future.

Reimagining Tourism

Mar 26, 2018

Can sharing our way of life help sustain it?

Meet Harry Posner

Sep 16, 2017

Dufferin County’s first poet laureate waxes eloquent on reclaiming the power of words and uniting our local arts community.

Ballroom Dancing Spins Through Caledon

Mar 20, 2017

A beginner’s ode to getting into the ballroom dancing groove.

Syrian Refugees in Headwaters

Nov 22, 2016

Each Syrian refugee settling in the hills arrives with hope for a safer life. Here we meet some of them, along with the locals who are lending hands – and hearts.

Many Parts Make a Whole Village

Jun 20, 2016

Caledon’s first ecovillage celebrates 10 years of sustainable living.

Fantastic Cities: The Fine Art of Colouring Books for Adults

Nov 25, 2015

Drawing prolifically and with no limitations, McDonald delved deeply into his fascination with big-perspective, architectural subjects.

Playing from the Heart

Nov 25, 2015

The Golden Country Classics Band keeps old-time, toe-tapping music alive in the hills.


Mar 23, 2015

The Big Life Lessons of a High School Play

Club Art

Sep 11, 2014

The words “High on Art” dominate this happy mayhem, and so they should.

Orangeville Fanboys

Sep 11, 2014

For these brainiacs, it’s a comic book world.

O Tannenbaum

Nov 19, 2013

Pam McGugan’s Christmas tree is bejewelled with more than 2,000 ornaments and just as many precious memories.

The Art of the Non-Artist

Sep 11, 2013

For a busy Caledon art conservator, delicately recapturing the truth of an artist’s vision is a calling that combines art and science.

Ruin in the Woods

Jul 24, 2013

Midway, a squared stone tower reached up to the forest canopy. The filtered bits of light from above, the impossible green of the deep forest, the mystery of what and who…