Jelly Café’s Roasted Red Pepper Soup

The café features a different vegetable soup every day in a chunky or smooth version.

August 15, 2013 | | Best Bites | Departments | Food | FOOD Autumn - Winter 2013

According to Beethoven, “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” If that’s the case, then Lori-Ann Gardiner, chef at Shelburne’s Jelly Craft Bakery and Café, has a heart of pure vegetable stock. The café features a different vegetable soup every day in a chunky or smooth version. “I make them all myself,” says Lori-Ann. “Whatever veggies go together, we make soup out of them.” All her vegetable soups are 100 per cent vegan made with coconut milk instead of cream and no added thickeners. The day we spoke to her, the soup of the day was potato and garlic scapes, “Grown locally,” says Lori-Ann.

Jelly Café favourites include sweet potato and carrot, squash and pear, cream of broccoli, and, “Oh yes, the roasted red pepper [shown above],” she says. “I can’t keep that in the place.” Sweet and spicy, it’s made from onion, coconut milk, red peppers and seasoning. “That’s it,” says the chef. “The more basic the better.”

Reader and contributor Julie Pollock tipped us off to the Jelly Café describing it as “an unassuming place where you seat yourself and order from a chalkboard. There is nowhere better,” she says, “to settle in on a snowy after-noon with a bowl of homemade soup and a wedge of freshly baked bread.”

All of Lori-Ann’s soups are also available frozen for takeout.


Jelly Craft Bakery & Café · 120 Main St. East · Shelburne · 519-925-1824 ·

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