Spring Contributors

Meet a few of the contributors who make this spring 2020 issue of In The Hills a great read – Pete Paterson, Nicola Ross and Ruth Ann Pearce.

March 24, 2020 | Contributors

Pete Paterson

Pete PatersonIt seems like everyone knows Pete Paterson. As a commercial photographer in Toronto from 1968, he worked with authors, artists and designers in publishing and advertising. World travel brought more into focus for him – from a Tibet market to Caribbean beaches. Pete moved to Caledon in 1990 and began to concentrate on people and community events for Theatre Orangeville, Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival and others. He has been contributing to In The Hills for more than two decades with photos illustrating everything from antique biplanes to our annual salute to local heroes. Pete has also generously donated his talents to Community Living Dufferin, Facilitation Wellington Dufferin and other community organizations. In this issue Pete gets up close with local microgreens and their growers near Hillsburgh and fly fishers and their ties in Mono Mills.

Nicola Ross

Nicola RossA hometown girl, writer and columnist Nicola Ross is part of Caledon’s landscape. Since her first story on the politics of water in 1997, she has written scores of features for In The Hills, focusing primarily on environmental issues, agriculture and the best in local sports. Hiking in particular is in Nicola’s blood. Years spent exploring local trails, wandering country roads and visiting villages prompted her to start the Caledon Countryside Alliance to help protect the area from urban sprawl. In recent years, she has shared this passion in a series of five Loops & Lattes hiking guides. In this issue, Nicola embraces the wonderful world of Ultimate Frisbee as a newbie and gets a serious workout in Orangeville. And her writers’ retreat, Write on the French, appears in our Field Notes column.

Ruth Ann Pearce

Ruth Ann PearceBorn and raised in Oakville, a young Ruth Ann could often be found drawing on the walls of her family home. Her fondness for the arts forced her parents to get her out of the house and into the Oakville Art Society – followed by OCAD University where she earned her bachelor of fine arts. Today, Ruth Ann works as a graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator for businesses and book publishers (we love her work in A Bird Chronicle). She resides in the valley of Dunedin where she is inspired by the character of the land and its inhabitants. Previously for this magazine, Ruth Ann has illustrated news features on the opioid crisis and legalized marijuana. In this issue she shares her love of foraging with lush, hyper-real botanical illustrations.

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