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Cecily Ross

Cecily Ross is an author and freelance writer who lives in Creemore.

Regenerative Agriculture Puts the Soil First

Jun 22, 2021

How cover crops, crop rotation and using livestock to fertilize fields puts local farmers on the front lines in reducing climate change.

Cooking with Rebecca Landman: Spicy Roast Pork

Sep 11, 2015

Rebecca runs Landman Gardens and Bakery while her father, Eric, who builds dry stone walls and often works off-site, and her three younger brothers operate the farm.

Spicy Roast Pork

Sep 11, 2015

Slow roasted loin of pork, served with a robust kale and apple salad and house-made tomato salsa.

Apple and Kale Salad

Sep 11, 2015

This apple and kale salad is perfect for potlucks because it travels so well.

Countdown to Pan Am

Jun 16, 2015

From July 10 to 26, the quiet backroads and rolling fields of Caledon and Mono will welcome an invasion of competitors and spectators.

Cooking with Beth Hunt: Raspberry Pie

Jun 16, 2015

There’s never a day I don’t wake up and think this is exactly what I want to be doing.

The Globe’s Raspberry Pie

Jun 16, 2015

A showcase dessert for whatever fresh Ontario fruit is at its peak (strawberries, blueberries, peaches and, of course, raspberries), the pie appears on The Globe’s menu all summer long.


Jun 16, 2015

The pastry shell is baked first and allowed to cool, then filled with fresh fruit.

Cooking with Pia Wiesen: Pia’s Fish Soup

Mar 23, 2015

I had wanted to make a bouillabaisse, but I couldn’t find many of the ingredients, so I had to be inventive.

The Thrill of Show Jumping

Nov 17, 2014

Local riders prepare to dazzle spectators with a breathtaking competition at the Pan Am Games.

Cooking with Phil Dewar: Rum Cake

Nov 17, 2014

“Just play with the recipe. Have fun,” says Soulyve’s Phil Dewar of his Caribbean rum cake ingredients.

Carib-fusion Rum Cake

Nov 17, 2014

At Soulyve, the cake is served with a chocolate-Scotch bonnet sauce and toasted-nutmeg crème Anglaise.

Toasted-Nutmeg Crème Anglaise

Nov 17, 2014

There are many different versions using different spices and fruit. But the one thing they all have in common is lots and lots of rum.

Scotch Bonnet Chocolate Sauce

Nov 17, 2014

We asked Phil to share with us his recipe for Jamaican rum cake and sauces, an extravagant confection that brings a whiff of the Caribbean to that dependable holiday favourite, fruit cake.

Cross Country at a Gallop

Sep 11, 2014

For one day next summer, the eyes of the Americas will be on Mono’s Will O’Wind Farm, site of the cross-country phase of the Pan Am Games three-day event.

The Caledon Horse that Could

Sep 11, 2014

With typical Canadian modesty, Rumble attributes the lion’s share of the credit for his achievement to his mount, a big-boned gelding named Cilroy.

Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto

Sep 11, 2014

Many home cooks are daunted by the idea of preparing a risotto, imagining it requires hours of standing over a hot stove stirring constantly.

Cooking with Gilles Roche: Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto

Sep 11, 2014

“Barley works even better than rice because you can’t overcook it,” says Gourmandissimo Chef Gilles Roche.