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Jeff Rollings

Jeff Rollings is a freelance writer living in Caledon.

Day 3 Dwindling Resources

May 9, 2012

For people who live like this week-in and week-out, I can only imagine the stress involved in endlessly fretting over making it until the next hamper.

Day 2 Dandelion Whine

May 8, 2012

“Can we forage? It’s dandelion season. They’re young and fresh right now. We should be taking advantage of that.”

Give it up for Hunger

Day 1 Counting Slices

May 7, 2012

Did you know there are 19 slices in a loaf of Dempster’s whole wheat bread? Was news to me.

May 7 to 11 is Hunger Awareness Week in Canada

May 4, 2012

Jeff Rollings with his wife Brandy Robinson volunteered to live on a food bank diet for Hunger Awareness week.

Dufferin Eco-Energy Park

Mar 23, 2012

While landfill raised concerns about what was seeping into our ground and water, gasification raises concerns about what is seeping into our air.

Local Heroes

Nov 21, 2011

Our annual salute to the extraordinary people who make our community a better place to live.

Drs Stephen and Stephanie Milone

Nov 21, 2011

Local Heroes: When you call the Highlands Health Network clinic in Orangeville to schedule an appointment with Dr. Milone, you never know who you’ll get.

Ken Weber

Nov 21, 2011

Local Hero: Best-selling author Ken Weber, shown in his office near Caledon East, has launched a “third career” as a speaker on Canadian history.

Jordan and Jeremy Grant

Nov 21, 2011

Local Heroes: Jordan and Jeremy Grant restored The Alton Mill: A showcase for the arts

Herb Campbell Public School goes way beyond a regular school curriculum.

Herb Campbell Public School

Nov 21, 2011

Local Heroes: You need only to flip through the mountain of documentation to know the environmental program at Herb Campbell Public School goes way beyond a regular school curriculum.

David Nairn of Theatre Orangeville and Sheryl Chandler of Community Living Dufferin in the new Dreams Building

Community Living Dufferin and Theatre Orangeville

Nov 21, 2011

Local Heroes: David Nairn and Sheryl Chandler are building dreams together

Dianne Acheson

Nov 21, 2011

Local Hero: Dianne Acheson says, “I’ve always believed retail is theatre, and fundraising is just the same.” The Hillsburgh resident and owner of Acheson’s, must know. She’s a whiz at both.

Diagnosed with FSH muscular dystrophy when she was 21, Anne Harland has become a champion of accessibility for the disabled.

Anne Harland

Nov 21, 2011

Local Hero: Anne Harland has become a champion of accessibility for the disabled

Empty plates

Sep 9, 2011

For many people in this community, need and desperation are a daily reality, and front-line workers at local food banks say the situation is growing worse.

Brutus the swan

Brutus and Lou

Jun 16, 2011

The amazing but true tale of an innocent fish man, a loyal swan, a vindictive queen, and the triumph of true love.

Catching a few rays

Mar 24, 2011

While debate rages about the pros and cons of corporate wind farming, solar power production has largely flown under the radar.

Inglewood Light and Power

Mar 24, 2011

It’s an elegant old lady, decked out in a fancy hat. Inglewood’s Riverdale Woolen Mill – these days perhaps better known as the Riverdale Fitness Centre – has seen a lot of different uses since Thomas Corbett first established a business on the site along the banks of the Credit River in 1841.

2010 Local Heroes: Sharon Gaskell

Nov 23, 2010

There are those who feel parenting one teenager is a task of Herculean proportion. Try 120 as a senior citizen with limited income in Haiti.

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