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The Night the Dams Broke

Mar 18, 1999 | Ken Weber | Heritage

Two hours before dawn, on November 13, 1889, the great Alton flood disaster took place when a series of dams failed to hold strong.

African Shadows

Nov 19, 1998 | Peter Meyler | Heritage

Black settlers were among the first homesteaders in the hills, but little of their legacy remains.

Norman Jewison – Filmmaker and Farmer

Oct 5, 1998 | Jack Batten

Norman Jewison, one of the world’s great movie directors, feels most at home when he’s down on the farm.

The Borders of Paradise

Sep 16, 1998 | Nicola Ross

In the face of urban sprawl, budget cuts, and provincial service transfers, local municipalities struggle to define and preserve rural values.

A Dairy Farmer’s Tale

Sep 15, 1995 | Signe Ball | Farming

His Jersey cows have provided Art Bracken with a good life. And as the community changes around him, the daily routines on his Caledon farm remain the same.