Local Buys: Spring 2021

Fixate on florals this spring – fresh, preserved and, yes, paper.

March 31, 2021 | | Made in the Hills

A budding local name

Karina Marie, founder of Caledon’s Marie Lavender Flowers, discovered her love of greenery and flowers while working at a local garden centre when she was 16. “Fresh blooms radiate joy. Their bright colours and scents have the ability to bring life to any room and brighten someone’s day,” she says. “Many of our pieces are inspired by the changing seasons and nature’s beauty.” Her new offerings focus on cheerful, fresh spring blooms including tulips, stock, hyacinth and alstroemeria. She’s also making spring wreaths with a punch of synthetic blooms that will help you get a jump on the season year after year. ($65–$170, Marie Lavender Flowers)

Perfect on paper – and on the wall

Jenna Marinelli of Victoria Lynn Designs (named in honour of Jenna’s late mother) is the local princess of paper creations. Her intricate floral designs, which come ready to hang, turn the wallflower trope on its ear. The look-at-me pieces add texture to nurseries and softness to a bedroom or living room wall. Customized shadowboxes offer another eye-catching way to add life to a room. We love the pale pastels offset by champagne, cream or barely-there greys, but the Shelburne artist is up for any colour or creation challenge. (Wall décor, $100–$125. Shadow boxes, $40–$55, Victoria Lynn Designs)

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  • Roses built to last

    These are not the dusty dried roses disintegrating in the back of your closet. Diana Benson gives dried flowers new meaning with Orangeville’s Village Rose Luxury Rose Boutique, specializing in special-occasion Ecuadorian “eternity roses,” which are chemically treated from stem to bloom and last one to three years. She tucks the fulsome fleurs into chic round or square white hat boxes and acrylic vases. Creations include tidy single- or mini-rose collections or showstopping 48-rose arrangements to mark an engagement or new baby – or for any reason at all, really. She also offers hydrangeas. (From $35 for a single rose box to $450 for a deluxe 48-rose box, Village Rose Luxury Rose Boutique)


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