Winter Contributors

Meet some of the hard working people – Emily Dickson, Robert McCaw, and David Paredes and Susanna Franco – who bring you these pages.

November 18, 2022 | | Contributors

Emily Dickson

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Emily Dickson succumbed to the curse (or blessing) of wanderlust at the age of 25 and left her small island home for paths unknown.

Her journeys took her to Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai and many other destinations, where she put her language skills to good use as an English teacher, travel writer and editor. (For a taste, visit her blog

After spending many years bouncing around the globe, eating spicy food and generally getting lost in translation, Emily and her family put down roots in Dufferin County and learned how to shovel snow. She is thrilled to join In The Hills as a new digital editor, and also as a feature writer. When she’s not banging away at the keyboard or booking her next flight, Emily can be found hiking, kayaking, camping and exploring Canada’s incredible wilderness. Emily also has a fun side hustle, Miso Hungry — she teaches people how to roll sushi at house parties.

Robert McCaw

Most serious naturalists have a “spark” day when they find something in nature that triggers a lifelong passion, says nature photographer Robert McCaw.

“Mine happened as a boy on our farm as I wandered along Deer Creek, near Paisley, Ontario. A pair of belted kingfishers dug a nest hole in a high clay bank and every time I appeared along the stream, I would receive a flyover accompanied by a rattled warning. Still my favourite bird!”

When Robert moved his young family to a country home in southern Ontario, he purchased a camera which fuelled an interest in documenting as much nature as possible. His motto became, “If it flowers, flies, swims, walks or crawls, I’m interested.”

Now, with a library of thousands of nature photos, Robert says he still gets a thrill out of being in nature and photographing what he finds. You can dive into Robert’s work at

David Paredes and Susanna Franco

If you live in Orangeville, you can thank David Paredes and Susanna Franco for hand-delivering your copies of this magazine.

The couple immigrated to Canada from Ecuador in 1998 with aspirations of raising a family in a beautiful community.

The family has always lived within the GTA area, but in 2013 they moved to Orangeville to raise their three children – one is at Humber College studying food inspection, another is at Carleton pursuing computer science and the youngest is still in elementary school. The couple loves travel, going to concerts and following La Liga, Spain’s professional soccer league.

“We began delivering In The Hills in 2017 and enjoy our time doing this every few months of the year,” David says of the gig. “We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to delivering for many more years to come.” The whole team at the magazine is grateful to David and Susanna for getting our work into readers’ hands.

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