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Nicola Ross

Freelance writer Nicola Ross lives in Alton and is the author of the bestselling 'Loops and Lattes' hiking guide series.

Steen’s Dairy

Aug 28, 2007

While Marie says she sells a lot of breakfasts, it’s chocolate milkshakes that put Steen’s on the map.

Asparagus the First Essential Taste of Spring

Mar 22, 2007

Asparagus can easily grow ten to twelve inches a day if the temperature gets above twenty-five degrees.

The Farm Crisis: Local Solutions

Jun 21, 2005

Although food prices have risen in recent years, farmers haven’t received their fair share of the increase.

Will the Greenbelt Save Caledon from Sprawl?

Mar 21, 2005

Losing its prime agricultural land isn’t Caledon’s only worry.

The Grand Plan

Sep 21, 2004

The Planning Act provides the legislative framework for land-use planning in the province.

The Greenbelt: Finding a Balance

Sep 21, 2004

The greenbelt is only one part of a gutsy and massive initiative by Dalton McGuinty’s new Liberal govern-ment to overhaul land-use planning in the province.

The Smart Growth Cure

Sep 16, 2001

Everybody is talking about it, but can it really save us from urban sprawl?

Growth and Prosperity

Sep 16, 1999

Growth and Prosperity: Do they go together like a horse and carriage? Or is the concept just as antiquated?

The Borders of Paradise

Sep 16, 1998

In the face of urban sprawl, budget cuts, and provincial service transfers, local municipalities struggle to define and preserve rural values.