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Mar 23, 2015 | Pia Wiesen

Homemade mayonnaise – use with sambel oelek and Pia’s fish soup recipe.

Cooking with Pia: Fish Soup

Mar 23, 2015 | Pia Wiesen

You can make the veggies and broth a day ahead. The next day you just heat it up, add the fish, and serve. It’s so easy.

Cooking with Phil Dewar: Rum Cake

Nov 17, 2014 | Cecily Ross

“Just play with the recipe. Have fun,” says Soulyve’s Phil Dewar of his Caribbean rum cake ingredients.

Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto

Sep 11, 2014 | Cecily Ross

Many home cooks are daunted by the idea of preparing a risotto, imagining it requires hours of standing over a hot stove stirring constantly.

Cooking with Gilles Roche: Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto

Sep 11, 2014 | Cecily Ross

“Barley works even better than rice because you can’t overcook it,” says Gourmandissimo Chef Gilles Roche.

Cooking with Patrick: Crème Brûlée

Jun 17, 2014 | Cecily Ross

Crème brûlée is usually served in individual ramekins, but it also presents beautifully in a single nine-inch round ovenproof dish.

Cooking with Matthew: Lamb Curry

Aug 15, 2013 | In The Hills

Lamb curry warms me twice, once as I’m cooking it and then again when I eat it.

Cooking with Caesar: Doughnuts

May 17, 2013 | In The Hills

Doughnuts were brought to North America by Dutch settlers, and named for the walnuts or hazelnuts baked into the mostly uncooked centre.

Boston Lemon Cream Doughnuts

May 16, 2013 | In The Hills

I started making doughnuts when I had a summer job at an Italian bakery in Mississauga.

Beet & Cream Cheese Glaze

May 16, 2013 | In The Hills

Participating chefs were asked to use local, seasonal produce to create a signature dish.