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The Greenbelt: Finding a Balance

Sep 21, 2004 | Nicola Ross | Environment

The greenbelt is only one part of a gutsy and massive initiative by Dalton McGuinty’s new Liberal govern-ment to overhaul land-use planning in the province.

Painted in Peel

Sep 15, 2004 | Signe Ball | Arts

The Group of Seven found much to inspire them in the hills and villages of Caledon. This fall, the Peel Heritage Complex mounts a major exhibition of works by the Group and their contemporaries.

Early summer brings a carnival of colour with Bourbon Rose ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’, delphiniums ‘Magic Fountain’ and ‘Summer Skies’, Lilium Regale and pink Lilium Toscana. Photo by Brock May.

The Artist’s Garden

Mar 21, 2003 | Signe Ball | Leisure

Art and gardening inspire each other to superlative effect in the botanical pursuits of two local artists.

Monday Night At The Movies Committee: (Front) Brenda Stephen And Jan Smith-Bull, (Back) Brenda Koechlin and Susan Clelland. The Fifth Member, Franca Deangelis, was not present.

Monday Night Movies

Sep 21, 2002 | Signe Ball

Each year, Monday Night Movies presents about a dozen films on one or two Monday nights a month from September to May.

Forever Everdale

Mar 21, 2002 | Wayne Roberts

In the hills of Erin, the idealism of the sixties morphs into practical solutions for sustainable living in the new century.

Tucked into a hillside above Hockley valley, the Ketchum house taps into the heat in the soil below the frost line. Photo by Robin Stubbert.

Sustainable Dwelling

Sep 21, 2001 | Anthony Ketchum | Environment

A first-person account of building a solar-heated, earth-sheltered house.

The Smart Growth Cure

Sep 16, 2001 | Nicola Ross

Everybody is talking about it, but can it really save us from urban sprawl?

Growth and Prosperity

Sep 16, 1999 | Nicola Ross

Growth and Prosperity: Do they go together like a horse and carriage? Or is the concept just as antiquated?

In and around our hills, the history of early Black settlement is being rediscovered and preserved. Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Toronto Library

African Shadows

Nov 19, 1998 | Peter Meyler | Heritage

Black settlers were among the first homesteaders in the hills, but little of their legacy remains.

The Borders of Paradise

Sep 16, 1998 | Nicola Ross

In the face of urban sprawl, budget cuts, and provincial service transfers, local municipalities struggle to define and preserve rural values.

The Glen-Caro crew: John Dunne, Deb Kendall and Art Bracken. John worked at Glen-Caro before Deb and now spells her on Saturdays. Photo by Malcolm Batty.

A Dairy Farmer’s Tale

Sep 15, 1995 | Signe Ball | Farming

His Jersey cows have provided Art Bracken with a good life. And as the community changes around him, the daily routines on his Caledon farm remain the same.

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