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Prohibition pits “wet” vs “dry”

Jun 15, 2010 | Ken Weber | Back Issues | Departments | Historic Hills | In Every Issue | Summer 2010

In the 1880s, prohibitionists took the fight for liquor control to the voting booths of the nation. In the hills, choosing “wet” or “dry” became such a hot button that neighbours and whole communities were pulled in different directions.

A Tale of a Jail

Mar 21, 2010 | Ken Weber | Historic Hills

When it came into service in 1867, built on land donated by the Village of Brampton, Peel County jail was a grim edifice modelled on England’s notorious Newgate Prison.

Women's Institute

Women’s Institute: For Home and Country

Nov 15, 2009 | Ken Weber

The Women’s Institute has been called the most effective women’s organization ever – with good reason. For over a century, the WI has been welcoming, educating, challenging, improving, supporting and “getting things done.”

The Bolton Kinsmen

Nov 15, 2009 | Ken Weber | Back Issues | Departments | Historic Hills | In Every Issue | Winter 2009

In the early spring of 1967, the Stanley Cup playoffs…held the attention of hockey fans everywhere in these hills. Except in Bolton.

Sheldon Mill Creek today

The Story of a Mill

Sep 15, 2009 | Ken Weber | Historic Hills

Mono’s Sheldon Creek was the site of one of Ontario’s two longest-serving waterpowered mills.

Suffer the Little Children

Jun 18, 2009 | Ken Weber | Back Issues | Departments | Historic Hills | In Every Issue | Summer 2009

The settlers of these hills had fled wars and tyranny and repressive class system to seek a new life in a new world, but they were unable to escape the dreaded shadow of contagious disease, especially its grip on their children.

The Day the Avro Arrow Died

Mar 21, 2009 | Jeff Rollings

It’s been 50 years since Black Friday, the day the Avro Arrow was cancelled – and economic disaster spread like wildfire through the hills.

Clara Brett Martin: Canada’s First Woman Lawyer

Clara Brett Martin: Canada’s First Woman Lawyer

Mar 21, 2009 | Ken Weber

A Modest pioneer, Clara Brett Martin, the daughter of a Mono Township pioneer family, became a pioneer of a different sort when she challenged the Law Society of Upper Canada to become the first woman lawyer in the British Empire.

How Not to Rob a Bank: Shelburne’s First-ever Bank Robbery!

Mar 21, 2009 | Ken Weber | Historic Hills

Shelburne’s first-ever bank robbery began as a pretty scary affair, but in the hands of a bumbling stickup man it ended more like a gong show.

William Perkins Bull

Nov 18, 2008 | Ken Weber | Back Issues

William Perkins Bull was so filled with energy, intelligence and initiative that he not only recorded history, he made it!

Medicinal Wonders?

Nov 18, 2008 | Ken Weber | Historic Hills

“Why Die a Lingering Death of Direful Diabetes? Dodd’s Kidney Pills Cure It!”

Jeremy and Jordan Grant on site just one month ago: phase two required three times as much structural restoration as they first anticipated. Photo by Pete Paterson.

The Alton Mill: New Life for an Old Mill

Sep 15, 2008 | Tony Reynolds | Back Issues

It has been a long and costly labour of love, but Jeremy and Jordan Grant are set to unveil their landmark restoration of the Alton Mill.

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