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Notes from the Wild

Giant Swallowtail Butterflies

Aug 9, 2012 | Don Scallen

Giant swallowtail caterpillars are branded as “orange dogs” in the American south because they eat the foliage of citrus crops including orange trees.

Bobolinks, Grasslands and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Jul 25, 2012 | Don Scallen

Bobolinks, though, are only one patch in the quilt of the glorious grassland ecosystem that exists at the Forks.

Polyphemus Moths

Jun 24, 2012 | Don Scallen

Moth communication hints at the wealth of cryptic messaging all around us.

Jack in the Pulpit

May 14, 2012 | Don Scallen

These plants can switch genders throughout their lives in response to growing conditions.

Butterfly Invasion

May 2, 2012 | Don Scallen | Blogs | Environment

Twenty times more admirals than normal are moving into the province.

March Madness

Apr 9, 2012 | Don Scallen | Blogs | Environment

The next day spring peepers, chorus frogs and wood frogs heralded the early spring from sylvan pools.

White-Tailed Deer

Mar 17, 2012 | Don Scallen

There are probably more deer now than there were before European settlement.

Butternut Canker

Feb 22, 2012 | Don Scallen

Most of our butternuts are dead or dying, stricken by a fungal disease called butternut canker.

Friends of Ontario Snapping Turtles

Jan 31, 2012 | Don Scallen

Help the turtles by signing a petition being circulated by Friends of Ontario Snapping Turtles.


Jan 3, 2012 | Don Scallen

Cardinals appear at feeders most frequently at dusk and dawn. Perhaps during the twilight hours they are less visible to predators.

Cedar Waxwings

Dec 12, 2011 | Don Scallen

A lovely shrub that waxwings find irresistible in late fall and early winter is a native holly called “winterberry”.

Norway Maples

Nov 17, 2011 | Don Scallen | Blogs | Environment

Our rural roads and historic schoolhouses may have ended up as dull as suburbia in the fall.