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Nicola Ross

Freelance writer Nicola Ross lives in Alton and is the author of the bestselling 'Loops and Lattes' hiking guide series.

How Sweet It Is

Nov 19, 2013

Classic truffles and novelty chocolates make an irresistible combo at The Chocolate Shop.

Growing Garlic

Sep 11, 2013

An Ancient Crop Adds Zest to Country Living!

My Not-So-Glorious Hockey Career

Sep 11, 2013

But then, winning isn’t everything for the Caledon Women’s Hockey League.

Lessons from a Champion

Jun 17, 2013

On the green with golf legend Sandra Post.

Having Your Cake

Jun 17, 2013

Sarah Hallett’s delectable sweets have locals coming back for more.

High on Horses

Mar 31, 2013

As Caledon prepares for the 2015 Pan Am Games, Headwaters Horse Country is saddling up for the ride of its life.

Pommies Dry Cider: Crisp, Clear & Dry

Mar 31, 2013

Even in colder weather customers love Pommies’ combination of five local apple varieties, a bit of sugar, water, naturally occurring acids and carbonation.

Going the Distance – On Horseback

Mar 31, 2013

Endurance riding is one of the fastest growing equine sports in the world.

Am Braigh Farm: Farming on the Back Side of the Calendar

Nov 17, 2012

Jamie bought Am Braigh’s three acres and broken-down old farmhouse in 1992. His aunt came up with the name, which is Gaelic for “higher ground,” relating both to his property and his spiritual leanings.

Qigong: Going with the Flow

Nov 16, 2012

Qigong involves repeating exercises – some very simple and others much more rigourous – meant to get chi flowing. Specific exercises affect different areas of the body, allowing a practitioner to focus on particular problems and self-heal.

Hockley Valley Coffee Roasters: In pursuit of the perfect cup

Sep 13, 2012

Tom Deans loves coffee so much, he decided to roast it himself!

Ladies’ night out … with shotguns

Sep 13, 2012

I cracked the gun open and the empty shot popped out of the barrel in a small cloud of smoke.

Olive Oil: A Taste of Spanish Gold

Aug 17, 2012

Erin’s Dolores Smith shares her passion for the many wonders of extra virgin olive oil.

Organic? Local? or Both?

Aug 17, 2012

Feast of Fields role is raising public awareness. Some people who don’t normally use organic food might come out and discover celebrated chefs are cooking with organics.

Up, up and away: Brampton Flight Centre offers would-be pilots“three-dimensional freedom”

Jun 19, 2012

I was making big swooping manoeuvres, feeling as if I were a kid running across the lawn with my arms outstretched playing airplane.

The Amiable Shepherd: Bert Nieuwenhuis

Jun 19, 2012

Things were looking good for Bert to achieve the dream he’d had ever since he was a young boy in Mono.

Canoe North Adventures

Mar 23, 2012

Taylor Pace, Al Pace and Lin Ward of Hockley Valley operate Canoe North Adventures and have led 90 expeditions on 21 rivers in the NWT, Yukon and Nunavut.

Cory Trépanier’s Big Northern Dream

Mar 23, 2012

“I can’t deny the thrill of knowing that I may be the first person ever to paint this view.”

In The Hills

In The Hills is an independent, locally owned print and online magazine that has earned its reputation as the best-read, best-loved magazine in Headwaters.

The magazine is delivered to more than 40,000 homes and farms throughout Caledon, Erin, Dufferin, Orangeville and Creemore – up to double the circulation of any other local publication. And it is available to visitors at local inns, restaurants, specialty retail stores and other tourist locations.