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Sep 15, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Autumn 2008 | Back Issues | Environment | Headwaters Sketchbook

Tiny cones hang down at branch tips, over winter they will open and release seed.

Natural Enemies: Horse vs Automobile

Sep 15, 2008 | Ken Weber | Historic Hills

Just over a century ago the horseless carriage chugged into these rural hills and ran head on into a horse-reliant culture. What began as a novelty soon became a nuisance, sparking a battle for supremacy on the roads.

A Puzzling Conclusion: Autumn 2008

Sep 15, 2008 | Ken Weber | Autumn 2008 | Back Issues | In Every Issue | Leisure | Puzzles

Autumn is harvest time, test your fruit and vegetable trivia, going south from Crombie and float your boat in Headwaters.

Landowners vs. the Birds

Jun 20, 2008 | Signe Ball | Back Issues | Editor’s Desk | In Every Issue | Summer 2008

Many of the landowners were keen to do the right thing by the environment, and just wanted some advice and co-operation in the process.

Letters – Our readers write: Summer 2008

Jun 20, 2008 | In The Hills | Back Issues | Letters, Our Readers Write | Summer 2008

More people in a limited space has the potential for all kinds of problems – social, economic, political and psychological. We cannot continue to pave over agricultural land.

Capitalists, Millionaires and Worldly Pleasures

Jun 20, 2008 | Douglas G. Pearce | Back Issues | Countryside Digest | Environment | Summer 2008

A British study suggests that for every minute you walk, you live about three minutes longer. You’re not using time, you’re generating time.

Randi Lockhart ~ TheTourist

Randi Lockhart

Jun 20, 2008 | Signe Ball | Arts

My paintings remind me of the thinness of time and the passing of the seasons.

John Christie and Andrew Kohnen hoist some two-fours fresh from the brewery’s shiny new canning machine. Photo by Pete Paterson.

More of a Good Thing: Hockley Valley Brewing Company

Jun 20, 2008 | Nicola Ross | Homegrown in the Hills

With its recent move to Orangeville, Hockley Valley Brewing Company has quadrupled production of its award-winning beer.

A light meal, richly flavoured

Jun 20, 2008 | Sandra Cranston-Corradini | Back Issues | Food | Summer 2008 | The Country Cook

Salad, brussel sprout flan and wafer cups with berries and cream.


Jun 20, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues | Environment | Headwaters Sketchbook | Summer 2008

Grasses have flowers just like roses or daisies.

Sodom and Gomorrah? Melancthon Township?

Jun 20, 2008 | Ken Weber | Back Issues | Heritage | Historic Hills | In Every Issue | Summer 2008

Screaming headlines in Toronto newspapers turned an 1897 trial in Shelburne into a Canada-wide sensation, painting Melancthon as a hotbed of arson, fraud, perjury and intimidation.

Old Pennies

A Puzzling Conclusion: Summer 2008

Jun 20, 2008 | Ken Weber | Back Issues | In Every Issue | Leisure | Puzzles | Summer 2008

Pennies from Palgrave, missing report pages and walking the line.

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