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Landman family: A recipe for family harmony with something for everyone

Sep 11, 2014 | Yevgenia Casale

We did it for the love of farming. The kids do it because they love it too, and see a future in it.

Den Haan family: Two generations of dairy farming pioneers

Sep 11, 2014 | Yevgenia Casale | Back Issues

Sheldon Creek’s whole milk is sold in traditional glass bottles with a plug of cream on top. They also sell chocolate milk, strawberry milk and eggnog seasonally, and yogurt.

Davis family: Oats, sunflowers and pink rubber boots

Sep 11, 2014 | Yevgenia Casale | Back Issues

Their crops include oats they sell themselves and a 30-acre field of sunflowers they harvest and sell for birdseed.

A Stable Relationship: Dutch Masters Construction Services

Sep 11, 2014 | Yevgenia Casale

Gary van Bolderen carved out an exceptional niche in the equestrian business. Now his son is taking over the reins – and Gary couldn’t be happier.

The Value of Farmland

Jun 17, 2014 | Rene Van Acker | Back Issues

And what of this farmland? What is it? Is it just dirt? Is it landscaping? Can it be simply recreated?

Dufferin’s New Landlord

Mar 23, 2014 | Tim Shuff | Back Issues

With its purchase of the mega quarry lands, a Canadian investment firm gained control of one of the biggest single blocks of prime farmland in Ontario. Will the new landlord be better than the old?

Five Years Out

Mar 23, 2014 | Jack Hostrawser

A Memoir. Even the sound of the old ATV holds a memory of him, puttering in on it from his little house next door every morning.

Sowing the Seeds of Food Security

Mar 23, 2014 | Liza Sardi | Back Issues

Everdale organic farm is at the centre of a project designed to create a self-sufficient organic seed industry in Canada.

How Sweet It Is

Nov 19, 2013 | Nicola Ross | Homegrown in the Hills

Classic truffles and novelty chocolates make an irresistible combo at The Chocolate Shop.

Growing Garlic

Sep 11, 2013 | Nicola Ross | Homegrown in the Hills

An Ancient Crop Adds Zest to Country Living!

Having Your Cake

Jun 17, 2013 | Nicola Ross | Homegrown in the Hills

Sarah Hallett’s delectable sweets have locals coming back for more.

Farmers Markets In The Hills

May 19, 2013 | In The Hills

Farmers markets in the Headwaters Region are the best place to find the freshest local food and the work of area artisans.